Unlocking Valuable
Financial Data Insights

We deliver unparalleled payments data insights to help our customers make strategic business and investment decisions.

Understand Spending Data as it Happens

Not all data is created equal. In today’s dynamic economy, you need timely insights into actual spending data, not just general trends. Facteus’ data products deliver near real-time insights across billions of payments transactions.

Safely Transform your Own Data

Every financial services company should be using their data as a strategic asset. Through synthetic data, organizations can safely find insights for product development, AI and ML applications and other data monetization initiatives.

Our Products

Leverage the Power of Transaction Data

To Enhance your Research Process

Delivered via an intuitive dashboard, Enlightmint gives analysts access to detailed industry and merchant-level spending behaviors.

Identify inflection points with access to key business metrics informed by billions of transactions across more than 730 merchants and 270 public companies.

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Data Products

Transaction Data has become one of the most important forms of alternative data because it represents the truth in spending behavior.

Whether you’re looking for macro or micro trends, Facteus' Data Products give you a distinct advantage because of the data’s breadth and depth of coverage, including market segments not found in other data panels, delivering unmatched intelligence and insight into payment trends.

Credit Card Transaction Data Synthetization


How can you drive data-driven innovation while complying with data privacy regulation?

Using the Facteus Mimic synthetic data engine, companies can safely synthesize their data assets–protecting consumer privacy information from being exposed, while still maintaining the statistical relevancy of the data. The synthetic data can then be used for internal initiatives like analytics, machine learning and AI, marketing and segmentation activities, and new revenue streams through external data monetization.

Facteus Mimic Safely Monetize Data and Protect Privacy

Why Facteus

Facteus’ mission is to safely provide actionable insights from financial data. We have partnered with over 1,000 financial institutions to safely transform billions of transactions to deliver our innovative data products, enabling access to the “truth” of actual transaction data, not just general trends. We provide the “missing piece of the puzzle” vs. other data insights in the market. These rich insights can be used for investment decisions, benchmarking, competitive analysis and other strategic initiatives.

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Unique Data Insights

Facteus provides the most timely and deepest level of granularity on data fields and payments types in the market.

Piechart with a dollar sign unlocking data value

Unlocking Data’s Value…Protecting Privacy

Gain real insights from transaction data without compromising privacy, regulatory, or security issues.

Brain and gear combined together to represent data as a strategic asset

Turning Data into a Strategic Asset

Leverage the power and value of financial data to remove limits to innovation and securely drive business value from this strategic asset.


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