Tap Into Game-Changing Transaction Data Insights



ARM Mimic™ Data Suite

Whether you are looking for trends in retail or business transactions to inform investment decisions or to understand purchasing behavior over a broader set of demographics, the ARM Mimic Data Suite gives you a distinct advantage because of our financial and payments data. The ARM Mimic Data Suite includes daily transactions from millions of active cards and payment transaction that provides daily insight into additional market segments not found in other data panels.



Extrapolate Real Value from Synthetic Data

What if you could monetize your data without ever worrying about privacy, regulatory, or security issues?

Monetize Data Without Fear

How can you unlock the power and value of financial data while ensuring privacy is protected?

Remove Limits to Innovation

What if you had more comprehensive data in an R & D incubator to develop AI/ML applications such as chat bots, enhanced payments fraud detection, and the next big thing?

Develop Exclusive Insight from Enriched Data

What if you could develop unique analytics based on access to more granular detail than what’s available in any other data set?

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