Technology platform to ingest, evaluate and monetize disparate data sets – integrated with turnkey dashboards, analytics and forecasting tools to optimize investment research and business decisions.

Expedite Data Evaluation and Backtesting

Data scientists and engineers looking for insights or signals within alternative data usually have a long and difficult process of evaluating and backtesting new data sets, often needing to learn new terms and models and no easy way to integrate the data into their process. With Quantamatics, you can now seamlessly and quickly ingest and evaluate new datasets in a flexible platform designed specifically to streamline the integration of new data sets to an organization’s existing models, analytics and key KPIs.

Bring Disparate Data Sets Into a Single View

Not all data is created equal, and one type of data can’t provide a full picture of a customer or business. Through Quantamatics, many different types of data can be integrated together to complete the missing piece of the picture and to better forecast future performance. With turnkey dashboards, analytics and forecasting tools and Excel and other API integrations, Quantamatics enables you to customize the outputs of your integrated data into a view for a strategic edge and dynamically deploy those insights within your organization.

Data Research & Monetization Platform

For organizations looking for ways to evaluate the value of their data and safely share data with third-parties, Quantamatics delivers an integrated data research & monetization platform to quickly analyze data and productize insights from your data to drive new sources of revenue. Now you can quickly scale your own research and product development efforts and open your data to consultants, researchers, partners, and other third-parties in a controlled environment.

Quantamatics Use Cases

Investment Firms

For analysts or data scientists seeking for ways to streamline the data ingestion and integration process, Quantamatics is a turnkey data research and development platform, integrated with dashboards and forecasting tools, to enable firms to seamlessly integrate multiple data sources, customize the data to their investment process, and dynamically deploy a single view throughout the firm.

Alternative Data Providers

For data providers looking for ways to expedite testing or evaluate the value of their data, Quantamatics is a flexible platform designed to enable data buyers to quickly and easily evaluate data sources without having to develop new infrastructure or testing environments. Data providers can quickly respond to client needs and access turnkey integration tools into a client’s investment process or models.

Financial Institutions

For financial services organization wanting to optimize the insights within their data, Quantamatics provides a way to bring disparate data sets into an integrated research and analytics platform to scale up research and product development in a controlled environment. Organizations can build new products or applications,  invite consultants or third-parties to collaborate within the platform, and provide a structured and secure platform to monetize data assets as a new source of revenue.

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