Transaction Data Insights

Gain unique insights into the consumer spending economy, company KPIs, and industry trends with access to transaction data from millions of payment cards.

Most Valuable Alternative Data

Transaction Data is one of the most important forms of alternative data because it represents the “truth” in payments and spending behavior. Whether you’re looking for macro, micro, or company-specific trends, Facteus’ transaction data provides unmatched intelligence and insight into the drivers behind a company’s performance, industry trends, or the health of the overall economy.

Data Directly From the Source

Facteus partners directly with financial institutions, payment companies, and fintechs to safely transform billions of transactions into actionable insights – enabling access to actual spending data, not just general trends. We provide the “missing piece of the puzzle” vs. other data insights in the market. These rich insights can be used for investment decisions, benchmarking, competitive analysis, and other strategic initiatives.

Diverse Payments Data Brings Greater Intelligence

Facteus’ transaction data products include daily transactions from millions of different cards across various payment types (Credit, Debit, General Purpose Debit, HSA/FSA, Business Payments, Payroll, Corp Expense, etc), providing a vital view into consumer and business spending not captured in other data panels. With multiple years of history, spending insight within days of the transaction, and a myriad of transaction indicators included, the depth and breadth of Facteus data delivers unmatched intelligence and unique insights into the drivers behind company performance or industry trends.

Highlights of Facteus' Transaction Data Sets

Largest transaction data panel (20+ million active cards), with the most diversified set of payment methods (Credit, Debit, Alternative Debit, Health, Payroll, SKU-Level and cash).

Most balanced panel available by age, income, and geographic coverage. Unique insights into spending of Millenial, Gen Z, and underbanked market segments not available in other data sets.

Data is directly sourced from financial institutions, processors and fintechs, delivering the most granular fields in the industry and decreased latency (see transactions within 1-4 days).

Transaction Data Use Cases


Investment officers, portfolio managers, and analysts from fundamental and quantitative firms are using Facteus transaction data to derive near real-time insights into business KPIs and consumer spending shifts to better inform investment models. Facteus data provides a vital complementary view into spending not captured in other transaction data panels, resulting in enhanced forecasting performance and business modeling.


In an ever-growing environment of data privacy and regulations, media and advertising firms are shifting from 1:1 targeted marketing to building distinct audience segments to target with messaging and product offerings. The granular insights within Facteus’ transaction data enables these firms to build highly targeted audience segments across key demographic areas (i.e. Age, Income Level, Geography, Cultural Background, etc.)


Management consulting firms looking to solve complex problems for their clients are realizing the benefits of transaction data to provide in-depth and near real-time analysis and insights into their client engagements. Many firms are using Facteus data to better understand consumer spending behavior, industry and company competition, and refine go-to-market strategies for their clients.


Retailers and other corporates have a solid grasp of their own data. However, they know less about their competition or the broader consumer spending economy trends and shifts. Corporates across many industries are using Facteus data to gain greater insight into market share analysis, competitive insight, store location intelligence, and consumer spending trends.


Federal, state, and local government agencies rely on external data sources to inform fiscal policy, monetary policy, and social programs. However, these data sources are typically delayed by months or based on survey data and opinions. Government agencies at all levels are using Facteus data to get near real-time into the “truth” of actual consumer spending and economic trends.

FIRST Report: Understand the Economy Through the Lens of Transaction Data

The FIRST Report is a series of weekly reports that sheds light on the impact of COVID-19 on the consumer economy in the US. We look at three super categories of the consumer economy: Retail, Entertainment, and Travel. Our intent is to help businesses, governments, and economists have a current, accurate view of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic so that they can make informed and timely decisions.

Facteus Consumer Spending Report: The Experience Economy Plots Rebound

Prior to the pandemic, consumers were shifting their spending habits to prioritize experiences over “things.” The question facing both investors and corporate decisionmakers is if the previous demand and secular shift in spending toward experiences can pick up where it left off in 2020. As the economy re-opens, all signs suggest consumers are ready to pick up where they left off.

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