Data Monetization

Data monetization is a huge revenue opportunity for financial services organizations that is misunderstood and underutilized. When done correctly, data monetization is a high margin revenue stream with minimal or no risk. When done incorrectly, data monetization drains budgets and resources, and exposes your data to security, compliance, and privacy issues. The good news is there is a road map to safely monetize your data internally and externally.

Internal Monetization

Use data to increase revenue, reduce expenses or minimize risk

Build new products, personalized banking experiences or analytics for customers

Leverage data to drive ML/AI Innovation

External Monetization

Share data with trusted third parties for product innovation or open banking

Sell data insights externally to drive new revenue stream

What Is The Road Map to Data Monetization?

In today’s digital world, there are billions of daily transactions, insights, and touchpoints producing mountains of data that can be leveraged to drive greater customer experiences, enable scientific breakthroughs, produce greater products and services, and introduce new revenue streams. One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is how can you unlock the power and value of financial data while ensuring privacy is protected?

In a recent podcast and article with, Facteus (Formerly ARM Insight) CEO, Randy Koch outlined why the “perceived fear of data monetization is higher than the actual risk.” Facteus already safely and securely monetizes data for more than 1,000 financial institutions and has outlined the lessons learned in a “Road Map to Safe Data Monetization.”

How Do You Prepare Data For Safe Data Monetization?

Before data can be monetized or migrated to the cloud…before it can be used as a platform for machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI)…before it can inform product development or customer analytics…data must be transformed from its raw state. Many financial institution (FI) executives just aren’t sure where to start. This is where the Facteus can help.

The Facteus Refinery data engine enables you to ingest data from any input; aggregate, clean, and transform it; then port it to any PCI-compliant cloud platform. Facteus has worked with all of the major data warehouses and clouds. In some cases, we’ve worked with multiple partners for the same client.

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