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Facteus’ data sets enable you to gain insight into market segments not available in other transaction panels. Learn from daily feeds of card data transactions from millions of cards and payments transactions—all safe, statistically significant, and featuring unprecedented granularity.

How Does Facteus' Data Products Provide Deeper Insight?


Each year the Federal Reserve does a study on the core non-cash payment types and systems that support everyday payments by U.S. consumers and businesses. Not surprisingly, checks are continuing to decline, but consumers and businesses are turning to many different payment types for their everyday usage. Debit cards and credit cards are the primary payment type being used, but there is significant growth in the use of the ACH system and prepaid debit cards, which brings additional insights into transaction data. Gaining insight into the trends and patterns across all of these payments types brings greater clarity for business decisions.


Trends in non-cash payments, by number of payments, 2000-2018
From Amazon to Target to United Airlines, the insights you gather will always be more valuable when you know the transaction’s origin. Facteus’ data products come from direct partnerships with financial institutions and includes Facteus’ proprietary data enhancements such as the tagging of more than 1,600 merchants at an accuracy rate of 99.79%. Merchant descriptions change over time and there are tens of thousands of merchants in the U.S., so the data is consistently updated with new merchants. Monthly updates of the latest tagging data include a retroactive refresh of all historical transactions and enhancements to merchants already being tagged.

Facteus data products allow you to:

Access the “truth” of actual transaction data history, location, type, and volume—not just trends.
Gain insight into Millennial, Gen Z, and the underbanked market segments that are under-represented in other transaction data sets.
Protect consumer privacy while enabling more flexible analysis of safe data.
Delve into more transactions for deeper insights using synthetic data, which allows 100% data rights while retaining all statistical significance.
Facteus’ Data Suites and Enlightmint products contain transaction data across millions of cards and millions of consumers with multiple years of historical data.  To learn more about these products, visit our Data Products page

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