Cloud Migration

Migrate your sensitive data to the cloud with confidence ⁠— maintain data integrity, comply with data privacy regulations, and gain access to rich data enhancements and computing on-demand.

Get Sensitive Data Ready to Use–Quickly, Safely, and Securely

Cloud adoption and maturity have become the hallmark of the best performing businesses – enabling them to innovate faster, drive more insights from their data, interact differently with customers and partners, and create new revenue streams. Over 1,000 financial institutions have partnered with Facteus to safely and securely transform their sensitive data and migrate it to the cloud.

Cloud Migration and Compliance Can Co-Exist

Sensitive data has been untapped due to data privacy and regulatory constraints. Synthetic data changes that. Facteus enables your cloud migration journey by safely transforming and enhancing your data – allowing you to gain new insights and make better business decisions, all while meeting your compliance and regulatory standards.

Innovate and Scale Quickly with Computing on Demand

The migration from an on-premise to a cloud-based data warehouse is fundamentally changing the way businesses manage and process data. Organizations rely on Facteus’ Mimic synthetic data engine to aggregate sensitive data from siloed environments, safely transform that data to be used for actionable insights or migrate it to the cloud. Facteus’ established expertise and relationships with multiple cloud providers make it simple to migrate your data into a public or hybrid cloud environment of your choice.

Aggregate Siloed, Sensitive Data into a Cloud Environment of your Choice.

Amazon Web Services

Facteus is a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency Partner. This designates that Facteus has proven it can help financial services organizations migrate sensitive transaction data into the AWS cloud environment without compromising data privacy.

As part of the “Powered by Snowflake” technology partner program, Facteus is a certified cloud migration partner for Snowflake. Facteus and Snowflake teams work together to help financial services organizations reduce risk and decrease compliance costs, while accelerating time-to-market and new revenue opportunities.

Facteus has over 10 years of experience working with Google Cloud, BigQuery and its big data solutions. Financial Services clients gain access to a secure, scalable platform with flexible machine learning and analytics solutions.

Key Benefits of Cloud Migration

Streamline Data Transformation & Enhancement

Through Mimic and our cloud migration services, you can quickly synthesize your data assets, safely migrate them to the cloud and gain unique enhancement & enrichment services to safely unlock the hidden value in your data.

Learn More About Data Enrichment >

Make Compliant Data More Accessible

Make your transformed and enhanced data available to more internal data users and trusted third-parties.  Enhance the value from your data as more users can safely access it and mine the data for insights.

Learn More About Mimic™ >

Access to Computing On-Demand

Accelerate your time-to-market or grow your data analytics business. Cloud data warehouse platforms are designed to seamlessly scale up or down as your business needs change or evolve, allowing for processing power when you need it.

Read our White Paper - Synthetic Data and the Cloud: Data Monetization and Compliance Can Co-Exist >

Migrate Data in Near Real-Time

Maintain data integrity and consistency by seamlessly migrating current information from on-premise to cloud environments in near real-time. This enables you to consistently fuel your data innovation engine with high quality, high quantity data.

Facteus Certified As AWS Cloud Migration Competency Partner >

Synthetic Data and the Cloud: Data Monetization and Compliance can Co-Exist

Financial Services Organizations over the years have made considerable investments to leverage data science in a way that improves business processes and optimizes go-to-market strategies. However, there is a significant risk in using raw data for these and other purposes. An opportunity has emerged for companies to safely expand how they leverage their data and maximize the potential to create new revenue sources by adopting synthetic data for both data transformation and data monetization initiatives.

Facteus Certified as AWS Cloud Migration Competency Partner for Financial Services Industry

Facteus has been certified as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration Competency Partner. This certification designates that Facteus has proven it can help financial services organizations migrate sensitive transaction data into the AWS cloud environment without compromising data privacy. Facteus’ Mimic application allows organizations to transform raw data into synthetic, statistically-relevant data within their own environment, then move the synthesized data to AWS for further analysis, productization and insights.

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