Facteus Quarterly Spend Reports

Better Investment Research Leverages Better Consumer Spending Data

Why wait for quarterly earnings calls when you can see spending trends for public companies in real-time? With Facteus’ Quarterly Spend Reports, you can see a company’s quarterly consumer spending numbers derived from transactions from over 18 million consumer payment cards throughout the quarter. Each report dives into year-over-year comparisons of consumer spending in the prior and current quarter and is released in advance of a company’s official earnings report and conference call.

Take the guesswork out of determining company performance and business inflection points. The Facteus Quarterly Spend Reports provide investors with actual consumer spend data tied to each company, not just general industry, or category trends. Detailed transaction numbers and graphs in each report include:

  • Company Sales Performance
  • Comparative/Peer Group Sales Performance
  • Ticket Size (Average spend per transaction)
  • Online vs. Offline transaction breakouts
  • Dayparts (spending trends based on time of day)
  • Insights into the data behind the reports

FREE DOWNLOAD: Chipotle (CMG) Quarterly Consumer Spend Report

The Quarterly Consumer Spend Report for Q3 2020 for Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) includes insights such as Company Sales Performance, Competition, Ticket Size, Online vs. Offline, Dayparts.

Gain access to Q3 & Q4 Data

When you purchase one of our Quarterly Spend Reports you will not only gain access to spending insights in the prior quarter, but Facteus will e-mail you weekly updates on consumer spending for that company throughout the current quarter (for example, you purchase the Q3 report for McDonald’s, you will get a weekly update on spending trends for McDonald’s throughout the fourth quarter).

Are you a corporation looking for insights into consumer spend around your company and competitors? Facteus is offering deeper insights for corporations looking to understand consumer spending within their markets and competition. Reach out to us at info@facteus.com for more information on these deeper insights.

Here you will find our Quarterly Spend Reports available for purchase. Check back often as we will be continually updating the library of reports available.


For Facteus data Due Diligence Questionnaire click here.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Christmas and COVID: 2020 Holiday Spending Report DOWNLOAD NOW
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