Where Amazon Doesn’t Win: Latest Retail Spending Data


Where Amazon Doesn’t Win: Latest Retail Spending Data

Shows Strongholds for Walmart; While Target Lags Nationwide

Real Consumer Purchase Behavior Varies Dramatically Across Nation’s Largest Markets


March 13, 2018 – PORTLAND, Ore. – Detailed consumer spending data released today by Facteus (Formerly ARM Insight) provides a deeper dive into key competitive trends and uncovers important regional and demographic buyer behavior.


Millennial spending behavior in California and New York varies significantly from major markets in the south.

  • Nationwide, Amazon continues gains considerable ground on Walmart, but their momentum is much more pronounced in California and New York, where the online retailer actually overtook Walmart in share of spend in December 2016 and did so again for good in May 2017.
  • Since then, Amazon has increased its share from just over one-third to nearly half.


Millennials, and consumers overall, in Florida and Texas still spend considerably more at Walmart than Amazon.

  • Walmart still enjoys more than 60 percent share of spend among millennials in these two states and has maintained far more stable share of the market over the past three years.
  • In fact, Florida consumers’ Walmart spend is more than twice that of their Amazon spend, which is more than twice their Target spend.


In the District of Columbia, Amazon spend is greater than Walmart and Target spend combined.  

  • This spending includes all on-line and in-store sales.


“Using real spending data from billions of actual consumer transactions, [Facteus]  provides retailers with detailed data that enables competitive, geographic, and demographic analysis, said Facteus CEO, Randy Koch. “With more than 100 key data points tied to every transaction, Facteus’ data gives retailers the granularity they need to make more informed decisions that drive sales and revenue growth.”


The Facteus team will be sharing more about this and other consumer spending data at ShopTalk 2018, March 18-21.

About Facteus

Facteus is a leading provider of financial data business intelligence (BI) solutions for processors, investment companies, financial institutions, and retail corporations. Through its innovative synthetic data process, Facteus can transform raw transaction data from legacy technologies into actionable information, which enables companies to make intelligent business decisions, automate manual operational tasks and optimize their data strategies. Founded in 2010, Facteus’ team of data scientists and financial services industry veterans provide source data from billions of transactions to over 1,000 financial services companies to deliver timely, rich insights that can be used for machine learning, artificial intelligence, data monetization and other strategic use cases. To learn more, visit facteus.com.


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