Transaction Data Provider Facteus Targets Buy-Side


By Sanford Bragg April 23, 2021

As privacy regulations increasingly challenge the collection of consumer card purchases and other forms of transaction data, alternative data provider Facteus sees opportunities for what it views as a more compliant approach.  Initially, the company sourced transaction data complementary to that of existing players such as Yodlee or Consumer Edge.  However, as the buy-side has become its primary focus, Facteus is bringing to market data products which will compete more directly with leading transaction data providers.

Founded in 2010 as ARM Insight, the company initially focused on helping debit, credit and prepaid card processors analyze their internal data for fraud detection and other applications.  Hedge funds approached the firm beginning about six years ago, and Facteus began helping clients to commercialize the data.  The company says it monetizes data for more than 1,000 financial institutions.  As of last year, the company rebranded and changed CEOs as it prioritized expansion of its buy-side footprint.

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April 24, 2021

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