Position: Data Engineer


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Position: Data Engineer

Full-time Data Engineer position in Beaverton, Oregon with a provider of payments-based business intelligence (BI) solutions for credit, debit, and prepaid card processors; investment companies; financial institutions; and retail corporations.


  • Design reporting tables for the reports to be used by business stakeholders so that they can take appropriate growth decisions.
  • Architect new databases and data warehouses to improve the daily ingestion process of the data files being dumped by the ETL to the staging database.
  • Obtain data from various sources, do necessary transformations, and prepare the data for internal teams to provide necessary insights.
  • Migrate the data from the legacy system to the new environment which can be catered as the central data repository for further data analysis.
  • Create custom data pipelines to ingest data and stage it into the environment.
  • Follow best practices for database development and incorporate them into the existing architecture and new projects.
  • Review, test, and improve code written by other data engineers.
  • Document the changes being done and commit the code to the Git repository to maintain it.
  • Monitor performance and advise any necessary infrastructure changes.
  • Connect with stakeholders of different streams on a weekly basis and get requirements for projects.
  • Meet with manager and team to gather and analyze requirements through daily stand-up meetings and help to unblock them to maintain the Rhythm of Business.
  • Coordinate work with other team members to align with current processes and assist them with new deliverables.
  • Research new cloud-based data warehousing technologies (Redshift, Snowflake, or Google Big Query) and choose the appropriate stack for the development of the projects.
  • Attend conferences, workshops, meetups to get the latest information about the industry and apply those practices to improve the quality and speed of the existing application and the new applications.
  • Assist new employees in the organization for a smooth onboarding process and transition.

Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in computer science or closely related field of study. Minimum 3 years of experience developing and maintaining databases, to include the following experience and skills which may have been gained concurrently:

  • 2 years in Cloud-based services and design of Big Data solutions.
  • 2 years with Spark 2.0 plus.
  • 3 years with development and deployment of highly available Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.
  • 1 year with API, Data Lake, or Lambda architecture.
  • 3 years in providing end-to-end database solutions.
  • 3 years in RDBMS database design and use of new columnar databases and concepts.

Send resume to:  Karen Thomas, Facteus, Inc., 4145 SW Watson Ave., Ste. 200, Beaverton, OR 97005.

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