Deciding how to reopen based on political bias and guesswork has been a disaster. Here’s how we should do it instead.


Deciding how to reopen based on political bias and guesswork has been a disaster. Here’s how we should do it instead.

Emerging from COVID-19 lockdowns is a difficult balancing act, to be sure, but this is no time for guesswork.

Over the past month, too many of our local and federal policymakers have made important decisions about the reopening of our economy without sufficient consumer spending data. This haphazard approach has led to polarization and recriminations as we are already seeing a resurgence of cases in more than 30 states.

If the country is going to successfully tackle the virus and reopen our economy, policymakers should make decisions based on data — not politics, not bias — that balances both the economic benefits and health risks.

We need a common structure — a framework — to aid in decisions on reopening. This would provide a real-time data lens on what economic activities are simultaneously least COVID-19-risky and most economically powerful, rather than those that risk new outbreaks but don’t add much fuel to the recovery engine.

The roadmap, as seen in the chart below, contains the two most important data vectors for policymakers:  The vertical axis represents consumer spending impact from 1,000+ banks. The horizontal axis is “health risk,” combining 26 health analyses sources that sought to capture top epidemiologists’ views, as well as those of other healthcare experts.

We placed 19 consumer spending categories into the analysis, based on their respective economic benefits and health risks. But again, it’s the methodology I want to focus on. Officials can adjust the health risks in their geographies as conditions dictate, so long as they’re accurately measuring economic impact.

Road Map to Safely Re-Opening the Economy Health Risk Sources

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