Data Monetization 101


Data Monetization 101: A Road Map to Safe Data Monetization

Who doesn’t like to get more out of what they’ve already got? Organizations already collect tons of data about consumer usage and transactions, yet many – if not most – are using only part of that data, or are leaving additional benefits on the table.

Data monetization is all about getting more bang for the org’s buck – and there’s a lot of bang to be had for companies that play it smart. So what does it look like to “play it smart?”

Randy Koch, Facteus (Formerly ARM Insight) CEO, and Tim Sloane, VP of Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group, break it all down. Sloane shares his thoughts on data monetization as an industry, how different data types are being used to accelerate the pace of innovation in machine learning and AI, and how organizations are using data monetization to drive business value and new revenue streams.

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