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What if you could safely monetize your data while protecting privacy and security?

Key Benefits of Facteus Mimic™

Being able to leverage the insights available within your data can help drive better customer service, deepen personalization efforts, build better products or find new sources of revenue.  However, at the core of this big data phenomenon is the dilemma of effectively using the key insights found within the data, while ensuring that sensitive personal information is protected and not shared or put at risk. How can you drive data-driven innovation while complying with data privacy regulation?

Using the Facteus Mimic™ synthetic data engine, companies can safely synthesize their data assets – protecting consumer privacy information from being exposed, while still maintaining the statistical relevancy of the data. The synthetic data can then be used for internal initiatives like analytics, machine learning and AI, marketing and segmentation activities, and new revenue streams through external data monetization.

Safe and Secure Data Monetization
Data Privacy Protection
Regulation Compliance
Product Innovation

How Does Facteus Mimic Work?

First, no “real” data ever leaves your firewall. We install Facteus Mimic behind your firewall so you can avoid exposing any raw data.

Second, Facteus Mimic takes a layered approach to ensure privacy and security.


Raw Data

All Inside Your Firewall

Complete PII & Sensitive Data Anonymization

(In this step we use SHA2 one-way hashing to completely anonymize all PII and sensitive data fields)

Differential Privacy Notice Injection Process

(In this step, additional mathematical noise is added using three
randomly selected different noise algorithms)

Algorithm Randomization for Every Data Record


Synthetic Data

Synthetic Data

Finally, Facteus Mimic uses best-in-class functions such as Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 512 combined with a secure salt value to one-way hash and completely anonymize all personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data fields. After anonymization, Mimic injects data mathematical noise using three randomly selected algorithms for every data record. The resulting synthetic data set has a 0% exact match probability while maintaining 99.9% statistical accuracy.

How Do Financial Services Organizations Benefit From Facteus Mimic?

Organizations rely on Facteus Mimic to help them ingest data from any input and aggregate, clean, and transform it into data that can be used for actionable insights. This data output is ported to any database or cloud platform. From there, FIs have the flexibility to transform data into a type that they can use while adhering to their compliance and risk profiles.

Transform raw data—with output determined by risk profile—into cleaned-raw, anonymous data, or synthetic data.

Aggregate raw data files from various siloed environments to be used as part of your data monetization strategy.

Clean data to allow for deeper analysis while ensuring the integrity of the data remains intact.


Structure output for any PCI-compliant cloud or front-end tool.

Enhance refined data by tagging merchants, tokenizing customers, hashing specific fields, and more.

After Using Facteus Mimic, Your Data is Ready to Provide Organizational Value From:


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