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Whether you’re looking for trends in retail transactions to inform investment decisions or to understand consumer behavior over a broader set of consumers, the Facteus Data Suite and Enlightmint products give you a distinct advantage because of our financial and payments data.

Transaction Data Provides More Granularity, Resulting in Significant Intelligence

Each suite includes daily transactions from millions of different cards across various payment types (Credit, Debit, General Purpose Debit, HSA/FSA, Business Payments, Payroll, Corp Expense, etc). The depth and breadth of transaction data provides the deepest level of granularity on data fields and payment types in the market, delivering unmatched intelligence and insight into consumer and business payment trends.

Machine learning and manual intervention tagging for each transaction at more than 1,600 merchant names is included as well, with each transaction at an accuracy rate of 99.79%.Monthly updates of the latest tagging data include a retroactive refresh of all historical transactions and enhancements to merchants already being tagged.

Facteus Data Suite

The Facteus Data Suite contains daily transactions sourced from over 1,000+ financial institutions throughout the United States. The result is undiscovered data from billions of transactions that is statistically significant and safe to work with. The Facteus Data Suite is representative to the broad US population and includes billions of transactions across multiple card payment types.

Our data consists of dozens of data fields including transaction amount, date, time of purchase, merchant name, city, state, zip, merchant category code, in-store vs. online purchase and more. Unlike some data providers, Facteus data shows transactions at the company/competitor level instead of being limited to groupings of 10 or more. Also, all ongoing transaction data can be delivered as fast as 1 day following the transaction date. Data within this suite is available with multi-year history and delivered in a daily stream or at a merchant summary level.


For business and investment analysts seeking access to data with a fully developed set of KPIs, Facteus offers a new and unique research tool – Enlightmint. Delivered via an intuitive, Tableau-based dashboard user interface, Enlightmint gives analysts and investors dynamic access to data that provides a granular understanding of spending behavior trends at the industry level, or at the specific company/merchant level.

By having access to three years of historical transaction data, Enlightmint also provides visibility into groups that are traditionally underrepresented in other transaction data sets, including Millennials, Generation X, Gen Z, as well as early adopters of innovative financial products and technologies.

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